Déjà vu

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“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” – Albert Einstein

Ahhh synchronicity – how I love thee…

Déjà vu – what is this exactly? Have you ever found yourself in a place or situation where it struck such a sense of familiarity? You tell yourself…” I think I was here before…maybe, I dreamt about this”. And then you suddenly remember what will happen next. For a split second you become Agatha, the pre-cog from the movie Minority Report. It’s always something minuet – nothing of what we would consider of too much importance. It occurs when we’re food shopping or pulling up to a gas station…. just simple everyday tasks. De ja vu doesn’t happen when we are amid a huge important life decision in our lives. It a subtle occurrence – however, you need be awake to connect the dots.

Déjà vu is the memory of your soul’s movie – your destiny’s matrix of your life that you agreed upon. Prior to coming onto Planet Earth, we meet with our guides and we agree upon the lessons, the main theme and the souls that will be playing a significant role in our lives. We choose our parents, our siblings, our best friends, our pets, our living environments, schooling, etc. And now you ask….”is it all predestined? Well yes, for the most part it is – but we do have free will at ALL times to make the right decision for our soul’s growth. Looking back of all the decisions that you made, good ones, not so good ones, perhaps even huge debaco’s; we’ve benefited more from the struggles than the easy breezy ones. The difficult decisions are the ones that help us to move out of comfort zones to help us grow. It’s painful at first, it’s scary…and takes great courage. The first few steps are the most challenging. But hindsight 20/20….looking back –aren’t you grateful for all the prior bumps in your road?

You are exactly where you need to be in your life right here, right now.

The time of our meeting with our guides, when we are energetically shown our “life movie”, it is given to us in different vibrations, the highs, the lows, the pick-me-uppers. It’s kind of like a song, where there is a verse, a chorus, and a bridge that connects the two together. There some hip hop, some house music, rock music, and then there is meditation, chill music…. Our guides have orchestrated this awesome DJ collaborated piece and we have woven this beautiful musical into our lives.

So, what exactly happens? …. we see this musical…. we can agree or perhaps even disagree with what’s best for our higher purpose and then once we reach a collaborative agreement…. we sign our Spiritual Soul Name on the gold sparkled dotted line. And then BOOM…. Yep…we did it…. we chose another interesting life, another body, perhaps even another gender from before, we made an agreement with souls from our karmic family how and when we will meet…and we’re about to get packing. We know the beginning, the middle, and we know the end. Our guides let us know, “Don’t worry, Janet, I got your back at all times…. just make sure you ask us for help when and if you need.”- this is mucho important. WE MUST ASK our guides if we need help. Our free will is sacred and they can’t overstep their boundaries without our permission. More on this on my other blog….” How to connect, communicate, and embrace with our guides”.

So here we go along the path of our beautiful soul’s musical…. we’re born… and then a part of this prior memory of our soul contract gets erased…WHY??? Well you if had all the answers, life would not be so interesting…Imagine knowing everything that will happen at every single moment of our lives, you would never pass any soul exams in life and would have to do a re-do, you may get left back. As an intuitive, my job is to guide you to the tools that you already possess, not to give you all the answers…. My gift is showing you, your own personal way of removing all the layers of the fog so get back on that path that yours! I’ll be cheering you on.

So, when you do go along your path and you get a brief glimpse of a familiar feeling that you were here before…know that this is, simply, validation that you are on the right path and the right moment of your life. Everything that you have chosen, flow charted in your life directed you to this moment. This is your guides subtle way of showing you a movie clip…a piece of the trailer of your life. Breathe…. Life is what you make it – and Life is NOW.

Blessings xx