You will discover the key players and situations that your soul signed up for a long time ago.

(pre-req: Destiny Soul Session Part I)

Every year around the time of your birthday, brand new opportunities and cosmic lessons are presented to you from the Universe. Through meditation, connecting with your Guides, and your Higher Self we will uncover all the important opportunities that are waiting for you to experience throughout the next 12 months. You will discover the key players and situations that your soul signed up for a long time ago.

This reading will provide you with a Road Map for the upcoming year. Whenever we resist any change and/or growth we experience unnecessary distress. We will focus in on any challenges or obstacles that may be on your path and show you the best way your soul could grow from these situations. This knowledge will allow you to go through your lessons with grace rather than judgment.You will be super equipped with your own tools to make the right decisions for your soul and pass all your tests with flying colors and happiness!

Remember, your Free Will is sacred. You are always in charge of your choices and ultimately, your destiny.


You could book your birthday session today. However, the day in which your session will be given should be booked the day of your birthday or any day thereafter, not before.

I will only open your highest potentials and give you an array of the choices that you will come across. I will never tell you what to do – your free will is sacred. You learn how to utilize the tools that we uncover.

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