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There’s a wide array of sessions that I offer, one being the most comprehensive which is called “Destiny Soul Reading”. You can find more information in the Services section of this site.

I only reveal to you what your Higher Self and Soul is ready to hear. Since we are all learning here and make different choices according to our Free Will. The paths we choose are all individual. It is a spiritual LAW that your free will is sacred. I will not sway you one way or the other in terms of making an important change in your life. If your Destiny Reading consists of some negative warnings, I will only remind you of the strength that you have and the magical ability to pass these exams with grace during a time of challenge. If there are positive experiences, of course, I will remind you of embracing it with an open heart.

However, I know at times, some may feel that I do not relay all the information that is given to me. I simply cannot or was not given permission to do so, or simply. And at times that information wasn’t channeled at that moment. I do not have full control of what information will be relayed or what is needed for your soul at that moment. That is part of the Divine Plan.

I realize people want reassurance and the confidence to go further in their life exams and that’s what I’m here for. I am here to guide with love and to teach with compassion. I cannot reveal all your answers because it will do more injustice than good for your path. You will then have to go through the same exams over and over until you get it on your own.

What’s most important to me, is that you, yourself use this pertinent information from our session to your highest benefit. Your future is your sole responsibility and it is created from every thought and every action that you take 24/7. My mission and my goal is for aiding in the healing of your beautiful heart and your past experiences. My mission is to be the catalyst in this part of your life to empower and remind you that you are ultimately the alchemist of your beautiful and amazing life!!!!

If we are meeting in person, I will first sage your aura before we begin. It’s important that you state a specific intention to begin the manifestation process. I begin by speaking about your past life incarnations so you would understand where your fears, habits, inhibitions, talents, strengths derive from. Then we uncover your mission and exams here in the physical realm. Understanding our past will allow us to be more open with the decisions and karma that we face in the present and the future.

The work for the Destiny Soul Reading begins at the moment in which you contact me and schedule your appointment. Just be open and trust that the Universe is always protecting you and has your best interest at heart. Honesty, Faith, Trust, and Love is the only preparation that you need.

I do suggest you eat “light”, please do not starve yourselves. If you have a pre-existing medical condition please eat accordingly to what your medical provider has suggested for you. Otherwise, keep it light so the energy could flow throughout your chakras and energetic fields. We all know whenever we have a heavy meal, we just want to sleep afterwards and our minds aren’t as focused.

In terms of group readings, I teach and conduct workshops that consists of meditation and spiritual growth classes. However, when it comes time for a Destiny Soul Reading. Soul Compatibility, Birthday, or Career Reading, I highly recommend that you come alone or schedule a time to connect with me when you have some time by yourself. It has been my experience that, I pick up messages regarding the other person in the room and not what your true intentions may be. Their guides may intercede at that moment. It’s imperative that you state your intention and your manifestation goals prior to a reading. Although, there are special cases, which I have read for 2 people at the same time, but that, is the exception not the norm. To achieve the most of your session, I suggest you schedule some time for just yourself.

Yes, we are all not cookie-cutter and one-size does not fit all. So together we will devise an individualized plan that will help you on your path of truth and a living a life for your highest potential.

The information is relayed from my higher guides and your guides communicating. When you grant me permission, I can access information which that your Higher Self already knows and wants to remind you of. I’m merely a vessel that transmits the information. I always pray and ask that my angels and guides provide the proper vocabulary to explain the information to you eloquently. At times, they speak to me, metaphorically, the image may mean nothing to someone else, but to you, there is an exceptional deep meaning.

I need your date of birth for meditation purposes to access into your soul’s Akashic records, the library in which your past/present/future memories live.

I will not answer the question of when someone will die and pass over to the other side. We all possess energetic batteries and only the Source has a divine plan for us. I will not answer whether to stay in a relationship. That is your sole decision and I will never tell you if the person is faithful or not. I respect and honor the Divine plan. It is in your best interest to learn whatever lessons you have signed up for in this lifetime. And that at times may cause some pain, but we all know that to really learn and excel in something we must go through some pain.

Absolutely!! It goes against spiritual practice for gossip or to relay your confidential information. There are times, when mothers, sisters, husband, wives, cousins book appointments simultaneously or days apart and I will never ever reveal or mention that you have reached out as well. It’s completely unethical and conflicts with leading with truth, honesty, and unconditional love.

Yes! Most clients do not live locally and sessions are done via zoom, Facetime, Skype, & telephone.

Yes, in fact, I recommend that everyone records their session and takes notes if possible. Destiny Session Part I does not get recorded as well as Past Life Regressions. All other sessions are open to be recorded. We all absorb information differently and you will hear what your soul is ready to hear at that moment of your session. However, when you listen to the recording a week or even a month, or even years later, you will discover new information that was here all along but your soul wasn’t ready to hear at the time of our meeting.

After a session is done, you will go through in what I call a spiritual awakening. It is important that you drink a lot of water…8-12 (10-12 ounces each) glasses if possible. This should be within the next day or the day of your reading. You may shed some tears and at times, our bodies go through a detoxing plan. When we hear the truth, the truth heals and our body responds by tears and other forms of detoxing. This reading goes to the core; the root that is most pertinent to your soul’s growth.

When the session is complete, I ask that you give it 2-3 weeks for the energetic information to settle in before contacting me. Please listen to your recording at least a few times, because the answers may already be there. However, if you need further explanation, I will most certainly get back to you in the order that I receive your email. I answer these questions, twice a week for a few hours. I go into full mediation and allow my higher self to connect with yours. So please be patient and know that I will do my best to answer you in a timely fashion.

An energetic block is a subconscious layer of deep-seated beliefs that you possess about yourself, perceive the world, and people that are closest to you. These beliefs cause an energetic block and is limiting in some way to as an individual soul. These are beliefs that literally energetic blocks you from your full and true potential. It can make you feel physically, emotionally, mentally not balanced. It hinders your true potential and limits you to live life to the fullest.

Each healing session is conducted by what the soul individually needs. I could teach the same workshop over and over and new information will be revealed due to the collective consciousness of a group. That goes along with each healing session. It is completely individual and I am conducted by higher guides to what healing modality may occur for you. Ultimately, all healing sessions are conducted with compassion and love.

After a Reiki healing session, you may feel a bit light headed, thirsty and quite nostalgic. You will feel extremely relaxed, balanced and serene. You make experience a detoxing period of even having stuffy nose days later, or even crying episodes because your body wants to release all the blockages. That usually happens the first time of a healing session. But once that detoxing period runs its course, you will feel more energized and will be able to perceive the world in a much clearer light!!

Sometimes I use sage for cleansing your aura when readings are done in person. I may use a Tibetan bowl, tuning forks and crystals for amplified healing. At times, I may recommend certain organic essential oils/Reiki charged candles for a balancing and healing affect/effect. There is always beautiful, angelic music playing in the background and the room is always candle-lit. It’s your relaxing Zen atmosphere. No hocus pocus stuff.

Yes, I do offer live workshops in other areas around the U.S. Please check my schedule frequently for updates. Courses and Workshops are taught online as well. If interested in hosting a workshop in your area, please contact me.


All appointments are scheduled through schedulicity. If you have any questions you could email me at info@namastewithlove.com.

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For All Healing Sessions and Destiny Sessions:
All appointments are scheduled through schedulicity. You could reschedule or cancel your appointment using the app or the site. At least 24 hours is required for any healing session. All deposits are non-refundable. I live in the real world too, with family, kids, homework, cooking, work, etc.…so I totally understand if there is just reason for cancellation. However, full payment applies to ALL no-show appointments – your CC will be charged as that time-slot has been reserved for you and cannot be filled within a reasonable time. Prepayment of any future appointments will be required for any bookings going forward. There is behind the scenes prep-work that is required for me to do before we connect for our session. If you need to reschedule your appointment, do so on schedulicity. For any questions or concerns you can e-mail me at info@namastewithlove.com

For All Workshops, Live and Online Courses:
Up until one week of course start date:
Full refund, minus non-refundable deposit (if deposit was taken)

Within 7 days of course start date:
Full refund, minus non-refundable deposit (if deposit was taken)
Refund minus $75 processing fee (if no deposit was taken)
Full credit toward a future NWL program (good for 1 year and can be used by another person)

After the start of the course:
No cash refund
Full credit towards a future NWL program (good for 1 year)

You may change your appointment to a different time slot through schedulicity, with the following restrictions:
Moving an appointment within 24 hours prior to the appointment time is subject to the $ 65.00 cancellation fee.

Please contact me via the contact form on this site for any questions regarding sessions and rate exchange – all rates are on schedulicity. It is recommended that you book all appointments via schedulicity, I do not respond back to text messages.

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Please contact me and view my schedule at Namaste with Love Schedule to inquire about the earliest appointment.

Please know I read every email and am extremely humbled in your progress and your openness with me. Thank you so much for your trust in me. I am grateful for each one of you and appreciate all your love and support as well.

Legal Disclaimer: All information, services, implications or advice given to you does not in any way take the place of, or represent any type of medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional. You are requested to seek the advice of a licensed health care professional or attorney for such matters. Janet and Namaste with Love does not accept responsibility for any actions or decisions made based on guidance or information obtained from this site, readings, or healings. I cannot make any guarantees of accuracy of information, and I cannot guarantee any healing results. By purchasing a reading or healing session, you are agreeing to these terms and understandings. Namaste with Love will provide a confidentiality form between practitioner and client on your first meeting.