Learn the Language of the Universe to Unlock the Hidden Messages All Around US!


Have you ever wondered what your birthdate signifies? 
Have you discovered your hidden talents?
Are you searching for your life’s purpose?

Learn the Language of the Universe to Unlock the Hidden Messages All Around US!

The Language of the Stars and the Universe is Numerology. Numerology is the ancient method of communication. Each number has its own energetic meaning and its own vibratory influence.

Discover how numbers in your name and birthday contain information about your character, motivation, purpose, relationships and talent. Once we begin to understand the language of numbers, we can gather a deeper understanding of the messages that we are receiving from the universe.

You will learn how to feel the energy of different personalities and begin to tune into the energy of every moment of your life.  In this course, you will become an expert in associating numbers with aromatherapy, angels, guides, planets, colors, chakras, names.

Brief Course Outline


Origins of Numerology – What is it? Where did it come from?
Numbers 0-4


Numbers 5-9

WEEK 3 – Advanced Numerology I

Master Numbers, Your Soul Path, Your Soul’s Essence.
Changing your Name – Change your destiny

WEEK 4 – Advanced Numerology II

Learn how to decipher which partnership you are most compatible with.
Patterns and Repeating Number

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