Meditation teaches us to be kinder and compassionate toward ourselves. In this fast paced world, it’s challenging to give yourself the gift of time and slow down, to go within, and connect to your inner peace. Meditation is a wonderful tool that every person has access to. However, sitting in lotus pose in silence for 10-30 minutes and focusing on our breath may not be for conducive for everyone. Whatever your personal situation is at this moment, meditation can help you to feel greater calm and inner peace. Instead of using your outer will to transform your life, meditation helps you to access your truth and guide you with love from within. It trains your body and brain to relax, to become more centered and empower you.

Be patient, be kind to yourself, and just enjoy the journey.

These recorded guided meditations are powerful tools which will help train your mind and body to be still, to rest and recharge. Janet’s voice is soothing and encouraging, guiding you to mental clarity and relaxation while taking you on a journey to connect to your soul. They each have a unique theme so just allow soul to choose the one that resonates with you.

Here are some tips to make the most of your experience:

1. Do not listen while you are driving or operating any kind of machinery.

2. Allot yourself approximately 20-40 minutes (depending on the recording) of uninterrupted time.

3. Find a comfortable place to lie down or sit comfortably. Note: if you lie down you may fall asleep – don’t worry, your subconscious mind will get it’s dose of the guided meditation that you’re ready for. If you find you are regularly nodding off when you meditate, it may just be that your body is doing what it needs to keep you healthy by grabbing the extra sleep that it isn’t getting at night. We can go much longer without meditating than we can without sleeping, so listen to your body, be kind to yourself, and sleep if you need to sleep, then meditate when you are well rested.

4. It’s recommended to save your meditation files on your computer. After purchase and checkout you will be given a link to instantly download your meditation files. Once saved you could transfer it to your smartphone or tablet. This link will remain active for seven (7) days from purchase, after which it will expire or after (4) download attempts.

5. Be patient with yourself when listening to these recordings and just allow yourself to surrender to the calmness. You could listen to them as often as you choose.

* NAMASTE with LOVE is not responsible for any harmful consequences experienced through mis-use of these techniques. Please refer to the terms of condition page for further information.