This is an in-depth reading that reveals the true essence of who you really are.


“This is Your Once in a Lifetime Session”

(approx. 2-3 hours; pre-req: Destiny Soul Session Part I) This is an in-depth reading that reveals the true essence of who you really are. You will discover the most significant past lives that you are still influenced by, your karmic soul family, what you bring to others in this lifetime and what this means for who you are now. Your soul’s purpose (why you are here), your soul’s special mission, and your primary lesson for this lifetime will be revealed. You will gain clarity in aspects of your relationships, prosperity, health and career. After permission is granted, I work with my guides and connect with yours and together we delve into your soul path, life’s purpose, and any blocks that have been standing in your way. Obstacles begin to clear, healing begins in its own accord and you become aligned in living your truth. The information channeled in is in direct resonance with your unique soul. It’s the significant key to your happiness, balance, soul-growth and well-being. This knowledge is extremely important since it validates the path that you are on as it pushes you back on the right track. We will discuss the experiences that you have chosen to learn this lifetime and how they fit into your soul’s path. You will learn why you have certain strengths and talents, and how you could work with any challenges and turn it around for your benefit. We will uncover your karma and you will be guided to what corrections are called for concerning those closest to you. These lessons are here to teach and enlighten you. Unfortunately, some are learned the hard way. But by knowing what these lessons are, you can empower yourself and recognize when you habitually repeat the same mistakes over and over. The session will conclude with the framework of the next few years based on the actions you take today. Please note: The Destiny Soul Reading includes a detailed Relationship/Compatibility Session.

    This awe-inspiring course focuses on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
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