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My personal journey of healing and revelation.
Shana Tova for those who are celebrating… Happy and healthy New Year!
Happy Harvest Moon!
Happy Fall Equinox!
Happy, Happy Fall 2018!

September is quite the busy month. I have been celebrating Re-births, Birthday’s, Anniversary’s, the New school year for the kids and crazy miracles this month. I have reunited with many old souls and friends that have guided me towards revelation.

Since April, I’ve taken some well needed space to reflect on the personal healing journey that I’ve been on. Integrating all that I have learned throughout this year; frankly since birth and my past lives has been quite the reward. Since I was a kid, I’ve been gifted with the ability to decode people’s purpose and path. I’ve perfected my own system that works and have become a Master in doing Destiny Sessions to guide people along their life’s journey. Yet, when it came to me, on a deeply personal level…emotions and responsibilities clouded my perception or I just simply ignored the signs because of my every day responsibilities and told myself – “I’ll get to me afterwards”.

I thought by having a ceremonial meditation practice every morning at 5am, morning kundalini, working out 3-5xs a week, walking out in nature, is Me giving time to Me. But it wasn’t enough.

In the past 6 months, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the world’s best healers. I’ve undergone one of the most profound spiritual and physical transformations in my life. Since April, my family has endured an event that in conclusion has shaken me to my core and has shifted my perceptions in a way that I will be eternally grateful for. During this time, I’ve been led by Spirit to see the true sequence of how healing transpires and who is there for me. It’s a process that I call AWAKEN.

When we go through a catastrophic event, a stressful trauma we may subconsciously feel like we are being neglected or punished by the Universe. We may not voice it, or we may think we’re “too spiritual” to admit it, but internally it’s there… let’s call a spade a spade… it’s basic subconscious human conditioning programming. For a moment…we ask WHY? Why did this happen to me, to them, to my loved ones? Asking questions is wonderful to do in self-inquiry work. However, when we begin questioning Why – we go into victim mode and in fear, right there at that moment we let go of our trust with, and in G-d and the Universal Source of Love.

Everything and everyone in this life is already destined for you. Trusting the process is the challenge, letting go of our tight grip so we don’t fall again, or to be humiliated or to fail or G-d forbid, being looked upon as some fraud is tough. It’s our perception that is our free will of how things should be. When we try to control certain outcomes, this is the actual moment in which we align ourselves with ego or aspects of our free will. Free will is all about choices. However, going with the flow, accepting what is, especially, when shit hits the fan, the times when we are the ones being threatened by an illness or a catastrophic event…it’s challenging! It’s tough to be in NAMASTE mode all the time, the state of love, roses, incense, acceptance and surrender. Especially when you know you’re in the path of your destiny where NOW is the BIG TEST. With this big test, there is a lot to lose and you’re certainly not finished with what you came here to finish. But trust me, when you finally do surrender in the process, it is the most beautiful, divine experience that you will ever feel.

My own ego got the best of me, for I thought I went through certain challenges in my journey earlier in my life, so I could do the work I came here to do NOW. However, the Universe had a different plan. And I kept on hearing the voice of my guides telling me, “Trust it”.

When we are constantly in a fight or flight mode, our parasympathetic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system conflict. Our conscious mind is always prepared to protect us and we can’t stay in the parasympathetic state for too long where our bodies really need to be to be at rest so we could recoup and heal.

Whenever I am channeling healings for others – we connect to Love and trust so the body could surrender and rest in the parasympathetic state. This is where and when the healing could occur. That’s where the miracles really happen This is why I love meditation and regression work so much, because I could go into that state and stay there for a long time.

Six months ago, my body went through a traumatic stress response that made me very lethargic and for the first time in a very long time I went to the Doctor. I don’t even have a primary care Dr., I went to an Integrative Specialist. Given a diagnosis that I choose not to name and feeling numb in certain areas of my body scared me. I shared with my husband and best friend, freaked out for a second, while they talked me off the ledge. I kept on asking myself, how could this be????? I am healer! This can’t be happening? I teach others to have faith and believe in their healing. I could see clearly in others where the root of their symptom first appeared and at that moment I couldn’t see it happening in my own body? When I’m working, I use my hands as healing tools as well as my intuitive force and heart centered love energy. Our bodies are always communicating with us and are trying to tell us what we must take care of NOW…it’s the old emotional imprints whether from this lifetime or past that get awaken by catalysts that we call everyday life. Something could have happened to us in a past life when we were in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, etc. and then SUDDENLY a physical response happens today, in 2018. Why??? Well, we live in a time in this New Age world where it’s acceptable to do past life regression and other healing modalities that we can’t scientifically see with our own eyes…but the results prove that spontaneous healing does exist. BTW – Regression was one major modality of how I healed this.

Didn’t want to believe the “diagnosis”, I began working with a functional doctor who guided me nutritionally. I didn’t think I was eating bad to begin with…. I am a chocoholic and love cheese – but give me a break. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke weed or do rec drugs…. I had no idea what I needed to remove. I had no idea I was inflamed with my petite structure. But certain body parts were telling me, screaming so loud – pay attention to me. I removed all wheats, oats, grains, sugars from my diet and detoxed my body under the Dr’s supervision. I meditated every day, like always, went into my infrared sauna 3 times a week, saw my reiki practitioner weekly, began to get massages, scheduled facials, scheduled “healing me time”. I booked bio-feedback sessions with an amazing practitioner and soul sister, Kelly. I didn’t do this alone, my husband who is amazingly supportive did the same just to be on my team – (the nutrition part – not the other stuff).

I shared my fear with just a few and journaled about all that I need to let go of. Now, I must really practice what I preach. I prayed for the right people, the truest people, the healers, the supporters, my tribe to show up for me and I was open to accept the healing. People who no longer were in my life – who left, left apparently, so I could make the space for this to happen. Meditating, getting to the root of the cause was more than a morning ritual, it was a morning, afternoon, and evening task. But I must admit, crazy thoughts (left door stuff) were going through my head at the same time. Knowing the Laws of the Universe, I was freaking myself out. I kept on saying to myself,” Janet, whatever you give power to, you will create, you know this! Choose Faith…Don’t be Scared”. “Whatever you resist, persists”. I downloaded the Heal documentary. I watched Bruce Lipton on You Tube at night before going to sleep, just to reiterate everything that I already know. My mantra was …. I am a healer, I am healed, every cell of my body is 100% healthy! This is not mine. But in the meantime, my own intuitive abilities with my healing practice with others was super fine tuned than ever. WTF!

In July, I traveled for a weekend healing retreat and reunited with some old souls. It was a feeling of familiarity, of knowing each other for lifetimes, it just felt like home. As soon as our eyes met it was soul recognition and we all knew that we came together at this moment in time to raise the consciousness and to heal one another. We became a trustful source for one another, a kindred connection that the Universe so beautiful orchestrated (btw – it was over a drawbridge, not kidding). And then the healing really began. My husband who never attended a retreat with me did for the first time. That was a such a gift and a token of his love for me. With his support and the love that I felt from him and the group, I surrendered and let go a lifetime emotional block that I thought was long gone. It happened right there, at that moment on a hammock near the lake….and then… more familiar souls and healers appeared for WHO??? For ME! My friend Erica who I met at a PLR training worked on me using a modality called Biofield Tuning. Kelly, who is an amazing bio feedback and light puncture therapist worked on me bi-weekly for the past 3 1/2 months. From the beautiful Michelle Blechner whom I had the honor of hosting an amazing Family Constellation event at my healing studio in NY, to my Dear friends and World Healers, Cecilia and Vivek Sharma that created a wonderful gift for me and my tribe, to the amazing Rob Wergin who apparently was with me back in April 2018 and in Ancient Egypt, to Dr. Brian Weiss and his beautiful daughter Amy that were all part of this journey. My sister, my best friends, Jackie and Suzanna….and most importantly, my soulmate, my husband who reminded me every second of the day how strong and powerful I am and how much I am loved and supported. I also have a group of an amazing tribe of women by my side helping me with my children (which I had to keep a poker face throughout). I really Thank you, Thank YOU! I accept this award for healing…I thank the Academy of Angels!!!! Thank you, ACADEMY of ANGELS!!!

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. I intuitively knew that “something” would pop up during my early 40’s – wasn’t sure what it was going to be but it was imperative for my spiritual and emotional growth. I channel and heal from the Divine and now it was my turn to really dig deep and clear out any clutter to allow more Light and Love to come in. It’s a journey, y’all….and I’m all about sharing my emotional scars to help empower You in your path.

Never judge others for you never know what their inner struggles are like. Working with thousands of people, I probably know more family secrets than the Enquirer – but you know what? The truth really does heal… don’t get caught up on social media bullshit. It’s wonderful to keep in touch with old friends that way, but don’t compare the “luxurious” superficial lifestyle that many portray. The real richness is in the heart of people. I am grateful and appreciate the love that people share with me, their vulnerabilities, for that to me, reveals their beauty and strength. I am honored to do what I was put on the Earth to do and I intend to learn more everyday while cherishing every moment because in a split second, it could all change.

Because of my recent healing journey, another modality, that I will call AWAKEN has opened for me. I’m still integrating it all and of course, will share it with you in my workshops and individual sessions when I figure it all out.

So here is my 6-step process called AWAKEN.

1 – A – A is for Answer the signs that have been trying to get your attention for months, even years, lifetimes – Wake Up! Don’t ignore them…that inner voice inside of you, telling you that there’s more to this than you think. Journal everyday…portal writing helps, for it allows your subconscious mind to just stream and lets you know what’s really going on.

And speak up – Answer to what you heart truly wants you to express. I needed to step up to the plate, speak up for myself, say things out loud to people (even if it hurt) so I could be released from their karma.  Sometimes we think we are helping others by supporting them but it takes a huge toll when you’re doing the work for them while processing their emotional traumas. Teach a man to fish, don’t fish for them.  Empathy not sympathy.

2 – W – W is for Wisdom – Removing the emotional aspects of the situation, healing begins from the inside out. Most times this requires sufficient space and time for the integration to begin. The integration consists of the “right” people and situations entering your life while simultaneously saying good bye to others. It requires SPACE – It may be painful at times, because endings feel like doom, but honestly when we trust in the universal plan, the most beautiful gifts are given to us by removing outgrown relationships with Love rather than any judgment. And that includes outgrown ideologies of ourselves, for we are constantly growing and changing. The wisdom happens after we integrate the actual physical life experience.

3 – A – A is for Appreciation – be grateful for every second of the journey, enjoy the moment and relax into it. Accept the process of what actually is – accept what’s happening to you and your surroundings, the so-called temporary reality of it. Accepting allows appreciation to come in organically and then the flow of harmonic healing and revelation could begin.

4 – K – K is for Kick-Ass Action – It’s time to take those action steps. It’s more than your intention now, you will have to go out of your comfort zone and do something about your situation to grow. Connect to Source in your own way, make it a daily personal habit for that will always remind you that you are never alone. The Universe truly will have your back and is playing on the same team as you are. But you must take the initial steps of scheduling appointments for your growth with the right people so healing and happiness could begin. You don’t get TIME back (although if you do a regression with me, we could time travel, for sure). Time is precious. Remember we are all in this together. And just because one healer worked for a friend, they may not vibe with you, and that’s OK, find your own. Every pot has its own lid. Just take action – kick-ass action – whether it be medical intervention or holistic –do something that is a healthy for you. Your intention is important, and you will find exactly what you need at the right time especially if you’re being truthful with yourself.

5 – E – E is for Evolution – evolve and embrace the NEWNESS, the NEW YOU and who you are now because of ALL that you went though. You are who you are because of what you have experienced and all the relationships that you have encountered. You are who you are now, because you stepped up to the plate and have found the courage to take care of YOU. BRAVO! You are not the same person you were before you even read this blog post. Your chemistry, your mindset is in constant motion. Your heart may have expanded to allow more love in (that’s always my intention for you). Evolution and growth takes courage but it feels freakin’ awesome when you feel the transition you have made for your own soul growth to take upon healthy changes.

6 – N – N is for Nurture – Be kind to yourself and surround yourself with people who truly deserve your company. Show them love. Give without wanting anything in return. But most importantly give to yourself first, Love Yourself first, so you could share with a full plate and a full heart. Nurture requires forgiveness and accepting your own unique path. Life isn’t a competitive race with others. And for full healing to take place, forgiveness is the key. Forgive for doing harm or saying something mean to yourself or others, knowingly or unknowingly. Let it go!!!! Forgiveness and nurture is the key to release any harmful blockages that hide inside our bodies. Forgive others for their mistakes, for they are all teaching us to be better. Nurture also requires the absence of judgment of ourselves and of others. I caught myself at times comparing myself to other coaches or healers on social media…As of today, I don’t have a crew of people working for me. I have one assistant, I’m a Wife and Mom first and that for me is most important. I don’t have 30k followers and a part of me doubted the authenticity of putting out there that I was a celebrity intuitive coach, (which I certainly AM) with only 800 IG followers. I thought – this may create doubt – when really, I couldn’t care less about that stuff! And it doesn’t matter what you call me, The IG and Social Media world does not nurture your soul. You are responsible to nurture how awesome you are. And feel that awesomeness from the inside out!

Remember who you are…You are great. Nurture that! And if you need a reminder…drop me an email or a phone call…. I’ll remind you.

We’re all in this together!

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Much love to you and thank you for allowing me to be raw, honest and true,