“We were fortunate enough to have Janet conduct a Professional Development with our staff to help us employ Mindfulness practices with our pre-school aged children. It was the most remarkable experience for all of us. Beyond her professionalism and obvious expertise, Janet exudes a warmth and generosity of spirit that set the most beautiful tone for the exercise. Though I know each of us was able to achieve something different and personal through the duration of the workshop, collectively, we all came away stronger and more aware. We have been offered a new perspective on the ways in which we cope and it has been an invaluable asset in our work with the children in our program. We are employing many of the practices with wonderful results! Moreover, we have made suggestions to families to ensure that we are all utilizing the same techniques to provide consistency for the children. It has been amazing to watch the transformation both in the children and in our understanding of their anxieties and fears. I would highly recommend this workshop to all educators and parents. It offers an insight and understanding that cannot be found elsewhere. A personally transformative experience that is helping to transform the lives of others.”

– Dr. Carolyn Taverner, Director, Wagner College Early Childhood Center

“Wow!!! Taking this Coaching Class with Janet has truly improved my life. The coaching course, from start to finish has been a blessing. I am a much calmer person now, I have a great big box of tools to assist me when faced with both huge issues and my everyday minutia. Janet’s style of teaching is both relaxing and encouraging, as well as no nonsense and coddling. She was there to help me get out of my own way and move on to a better me. With this course, she has taken me on a beautiful path, a path where I can find just the right tools with a wonderful supportive community and an overall sense of peace.”

– Margaret

“Janet presented workshops on mindfulness to both my students and staff. After a long day of working with students, Janet helped my teachers to meditate and relax. The teachers felt refreshed and asked for Janet to return to our school. I participated in the workshop with my teachers. Janet’s presentation left me calm, clear and motivated. She also spent time working with my third grade students right before the English Language Arts and Mathematics Assessments. She taught the students how to relax and clear their minds. She taught them to pay attention to their posture and breathing. Her mindfulness workshop was fun and engaging for our students and they were talking about this experience for weeks!”

Allison O’Donnell, Principal PS/IS 48

“There are NO words to express the amazing experience I have encountered with Janet. I have went to several workshops, and have personally experienced so MANY life changing milestones due to the sessions I engaged in. I have a deep love and respect for the work that she does and with her continuous support and guidance I made so much improvement in my life decisions, and have ONLY her to thank. I am truly blessed that God showed me the path to her and now my life is an amazing journey with her in it!

Every session that I experience, something new, something unique is always occurring. She basically saved my life from emotional and physical stress, and continues to do that every time I hear her voice. I don’t know what my life would be without this genuine pure soul.

Everyone must have an experience with this unique individual who will surely make you take your pink glasses off without you even knowing you did !!!!”

– Angela

“Before I met Janet, I was completely unaware of my healing abilities. I became a yoga instructor to be of service to others, as the practice of yoga has given me tools to manage my depression and anxiety. I wanted to give this gift back to others. Janet attended a class in which I was assisting and told me I had “healing hands.” From that moment forward, I began a spiritual journey that would change my life completely. Janet has helped me to open up to my true self. She has taught me how to access my God -given gifts as a healer through the art of Reiki as well as other empowering tools such as manifestation workshops, past-life regression work, angelic healing circles, and much much more! Through her encouragement I have gathered information from my own angels and have opened my third eye to new intuitive capabilities I never thought were possible. What my soul craved was purpose and understanding and now I am open to receiving all the abundance that the universe provides. Thanks to Janet, I now see that there are no coincidences. If you are reading this now, your paths are meant to cross for your soul is longing for deeper meaning and understanding.”

– Kerry

“Janet is the [birthday] gift [I gave myself] that keeps on giving”
A ‘Super Soul Investigator’ that shines the light brighter on my newly found journey, helping me discover and empower my true authentic self by finding the clues along the path. Down to earth, bright contiguous loving energy, and most importantly: Janet is the REAL DEAL! A one-stop-soul-shop for all your life journey needs ?”

BLESSED and GRATEFUL for this ongoing experience.

– WP

“Janet is an angel who came into my life at the perfect time, when I needed her most. When I met Janet, I was going through the biggest challenge of my life (so far): I was lost, hopeless and did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Meeting Janet was a blessing, and something that was truly meant to be. She is an amazing woman, full of positive energy, love and light. She has awakened the spiritual side of me, and through working with her, I have developed a new outlook on and perspective of life. I am finally able to appreciate life and live to the fullest. She has also taught me that the challenges I face are blessings in disguise, enabling me to learn and evolve into a better human being. I now walk through life and its obstacles with grace always remembering the sweet words Janet often cites, this too shall pass.


I have undergone hypnosis therapy sessions in order to help me understand and find the true root of certain fears I have in this lifetime. I have done workshops and classes as well- I find them to be an extremely helpful tool in my life and spiritual awakening. Additionally, I come in for a monthly Reiki session which helps me feel rejuvenated and restored; it keeps me grounded in this complex world. Since becoming a Reiki 1 practitioner, I feel the connection I share with my Reiki Master Janet, and it is a bond simple words cannot explain. Thank you Janet for showing me the way and for guiding me through the hardest time of my life – I look forward to furthering my learning with Janet, and can’t wait for the Meditation Retreat she is planning!!”

– Diana

“My name is Sonia and I would like to share my personal experience that I had with Janet. I first met Janet through a friend who brought me in for an introduction workshop. At the time I was facing the biggest challenge and biggest crossroad in my life. The initial workshop was interesting so I scheduled an appointment for a private reading. When I came in to see Janet she was very welcoming and warm. The energy radiating from this woman was very comforting and I felt very much at home. Without planting seeds Janet gently explained my options and my life path opportunities and helped me figure out the roads that are open to me in this life. Janet explained things to me from a spiritual perspective and my challenges began to make sense to me. Janet handled my questions and guided me with a lot of integrity and respect and complete love. There was no judgement and no pushing me on my path just love and options. Slowly my trust with Janet was built and I’ve received a lot of help guidance on my spiritual journey. I have undergone hypnosis therapy sessions with Janet numerous times and every session answered a lot of questions and helped guide me on my journey.

It is a privilege and an honor to meet such an amazing person and teacher as Janet and I hope to continue on my spiritual journey with the gentle guidance and respect that Janet gives. Thank you for all your help angel.”

– Sonia

“I was introduced to Janet by a friend of mine a few years back. I had been telling my friend about issues I was having and she strongly suggested I meet Janet. I am so grateful to this friend, for making an introduction that would lead to healing in so many ways and on so many levels for me. Over the years I have done past life regression, birthday doors (which are spot on, year after year), and reiki with Janet. I live kind of far, so I started to see someone who was closer in location to me, and the difference was so palpable, that I started seeing Janet again. She had explained to me in the beginning that if one’s life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. I am a teacher and was constantly getting sick. After starting reiki with Janet, I almost never get sick, which hasn’t ever been the case in 15 years of teaching! I felt physical, psychological, and emotional benefits almost immediately. It was intensely comforting and the energy that connected us was one of deep peace and healing. After the very first session I felt more vibrant and alert than I have in a long time. I strongly recommend working with Janet (if you are fortunate enough to get a spot!), as healing with her takes place on many levels and should be experienced first hand. She is intuitive on a level I have never experienced, kind to the point of angelic, and very caring, something we all need. I guarantee that it will be a mind/body/soul connection and one that will change your life, it certainly changed mine! I don’t know how I would have made it throughout the past few years without Janet, she is my spiritual advisor, but more importantly, my good friend.”


“From the moment Janet entered my life, I suddenly could feel that things will change. I first met Janet though a friend who told me about her spiritual abilities; but first, I had to attend one of her introductory workshop. At that time I thought it was annoying that I had to attend a workshop before I can use her services, but the day I attended the workshop I will never forget! The amount of knowledge and explanation that her workshops offer is unbelievable. I left her introductory workshop as a completely different person.

The positive attitude and the energy radiating from this woman are unbelievable. Janet explained things to me from a spiritual perspective and my challenges began to make sense to me. Janet is a loving, caring gifted soul who provides guidance to people. She is more than just a gifted spiritual advisor; she is a teacher and a healer.

I highly recommend attending her workshops, she is an angel and I feel very fortunate to know her.”


“Some people enter our lives as a blessing and some as a lesson”
Without a shadow of a doubt, this compassionate, loving angelic soul entered my life as the biggest blessing!!! I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Janet three years ago, little did I know that my life would change forever.

From the moment Janet entered my life, I suddenly knew that things would never be the same. Unfortunately our very first encounter/session was not my favorite to discuss. I had turned to her due to debilitating headaches and pain to the right side of my face.

According to Janet, I had suffered a severe injury in my past life to that side of my face, and carried it over to this present life. I was a skeptic at first and rather an angry, miserable, negative person, who had gone through great lengths to find the reason for this excruciating pain. At this point, there was no hope in doctor’s approaches.

Janet assured me that I needed to make changes within myself, I needed to work on myself from the inside-out. But most importantly I needed to be positive. It wasn’t easy adapting this approach being surrounded by rather negative house hold members, whose mentality really rubbed off on me.

Slowly but surely, I began to think positive!!! I took control of my life in every way possible. Nutrition, exercise, sessions with Janet, and etc.. My life began to take a turn for the best. I became a believer that our thoughts indeed influence our reality. What we think is what we send out into the universe and I began to reprogram my thoughts one day at a time.

Janet is not just a psychic who gives you a reading and you are out the door. She is much more than I have ever anticipated for her to be. She is an intelligent, kind, beautiful soul, who was put on this planet to truly assist people in living to their fullest highest potential. Her services go beyond the scope of readings. She is an incredible therapist, who will work with you deeply to resolve any issues that you may have. She is an amazing friend and confidant who will never turn her back on you in the time of need.

She has worked with me continuously from the most brutal challenging days of my life, to my professional development, to marital problems, but most importantly on my own development of character.

Janet has taught me about universal love, self-worth, not to just settle for average, perseverance, patience, positive approach to life, about the law of karma, and so much more. Her wisdom was passed on to her from higher ancient teachings, and she uses it each and every day to do what she does best. Aid and enlighten people!!!

Her seminars are truly inspirational and will leave you with priceless higher knowledge that you never thought existed.

There is no way that our paths wouldn’t cross. I feel indebted to her eternally for the knowledge that she has brought to my life. She has opened my eyes to the universe!!! Made me see my true potential and made me into the proud woman and mother I am today. Thank you Janet, you are my biggest blessing!!!”


“When I first came to Janet I was often sad, exhausted and unhappy for reasons I could not explain. Sure, life was happening around me, but at 22 years old I should have been enjoying all of it. Additionally, I was hopeful that Janet would be able to help me learn how to remedy my chronic asthma and allergies. For over 20 years, I was heavily medicated and held back by my asthma; traditional medicine was not helping cure my disease. 4 months later, I am writing this testimonial to explain the amazing journey I have taken through reiki healing. Once upon a time, my chakras were so tightly wound that my physical and mental health took a toll. Today, my asthma is exponentially better, as are my allergies. I feel lighter, find more joy in each moment of my day and most importantly, practice self love.

Janet is the most wonderful teacher I have ever had and continues to share her knowledge every time I see her. I will carry the tools she has shared with me throughout my life time, and I could not be more grateful.”


“There is no place like home”, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror”, “Be the change you would like to see in the world”…….These are just some quotes/lyrics that we are all inherently familiar with. Ever ponder why you encounter certain less than desirable experiences? relationships? Well it takes much courage to be successful, abundantly happy and in balance. Confused? Let me take a moment to explain……The path to reaching your potential , whether it be personally or professionally is through self reflection and it is not easy. When we are not in balance energetically our cognition is clouded, thus hindering us from performing optimally.

I have had the great pleasure of working with Janet for the past few months and have seen a remarkable difference in myself. I am not the same person I was prior. Through Reiki and other experiences with Janet I have had the great fortune of learning the benefits of alternative methods for self reflection. This has afforded me unique clarity which continues to grow, expanded my creativity and has empowered me to live my life in tandem with my essence. When we are true to ourselves, our fears and anxieties no longer have the power to chain us from the beauty that is right in front of us. I literally see colors brighter, hear songs more beautifully, and other senses have been heightened. When you are in balance and truthful with yourself you see the world and all its opportunities as if through the eyes of an infant. The level of healing that is accomplished is amazing. I have always been a firm believer in “change your thoughts, change your world” My world has indeed changed and graciously continues to evolve with Reiki healing. In summary, all of our answers can be found within.

Janet is gifted with a beautiful light that helps individuals find their own light and their own mirrors. Investing in myself is an investment in all those that love me and in mankind on a greater scale. Thank you Janet.”


“As I’m driving home on the Staten Island Expressway, I text Janet, “you are awesome,” she texts me back, “I’m merely your mirror.” After our session I feel elated, my senses or super refined, even the songs on the radio sound more beautiful than I’ve ever heard them before.

My spiritual journey with Janet has been very special. Today for example, during our Reiki session, I reconnected with my Inner Child. Memories of feeling completely free, creative, and unblocked flooded me. Why can’t I still feel this as an adult?

When I enter our session I am usually somewhat muffled, burdened by my everyday thoughts. Will I be successful? How can I be a better mom? How can I keep my marriage happy? Am I healthy?

Janet always greets me with a smile. “Hi angel!” And already I feel relieved.

I have tried many of the services Janet offers; birthday readings, workshops, Reiki, empowerment sessions, past life regression, and destiny readings and they all lead to one result: connecting to your true self.

The feeling is indescribable, but with each session, I am getting closer. Janet enables me to see my true power and potential to do whatever I have set out for myself. She helps me to eliminate my worries and fears, and fills me with hope and excitement for the present moment and the future. I come home with new and creative ideas, renewed energy and a sense of peace. She is a lovely person, someone you see as your best friend who you can chat with in one moment and someone who can completely blow you away in the next. I’m blessed to have her as my teacher and spiritual guide. She has helped me to heal, to grow and to let go. So many new doors have opened up for me and now I am able to walk through them thanks to Janet! :)”


“Janet is a loving, caring and gifted soul who has provided much guidance and friendship to me throughout the time that I have known her. She is a wonderful teacher and a healer. I look forward to her monthly gatherings where she shares information on many subjects including esoteric studies, conscious living, numerology, meditations and energy work. I am incredibly blessed for having met Janet and very grateful for her influence in furthering my growth in spirituality. She is a constant positive force in my life. Janet’s loving energy and guidance will provide support to anyone that seeks it. I highly recommend her.

Peace of mind and Love!”

Ellen Kliger

“Learning from Janet has been inspirational. Through her teaching, I have been able to understand our true meaning here in this life as human beings. She has also helped me to understand that we all have a purpose and we need to let go of our inhibitions so we can achieve our full potential. I am grateful that i have had the opportunity to attend her seminars and learning that allowing love into your heart is vital to eternal happiness”


“Janet and I crossed paths when my emotional/mental energy was at an all time low. Before I even attended two of her group seminars, I had a wonderful talk with her on the phone.

The next morning, my mother said to me, “Jessica, you sound so full of energy!” Trust me it was not because I had any better of a night’s sleep. What actually happened was through a conversation over cell phones, without knowing it, Janet replenished all of my energy reserves with her positive, healing energy. Janet knew exactly what had happened to me, without me really telling her and must have sent her healing vibrations over to me. I have since attended two of her workshops and plan to work with her 1:1 in the future more. Janet is a true blessing and angel and I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her.”

Jessica M

“I have had the privilege to know Janet as a mother and friend first. Instantly you can feel an open loving vibe from her. After learning she holds seminars on various positive energy lessons I had to personally attend. Janet’s personal experience with many spiritual paths and guru’s are very impressive. She is a perfect messenger to share some light and wisdom. Her love for every living being has no separation. Some can say she’s a hard worker, but I see it as she is just living the life she was meant to. Janet is truly a beautiful person inside and out. I’m blessed to know her.”


“I have attended Janet’s workshops and was amazed at the outcome. I felt more relaxed, positive & happier. I look at things differently now & appreciate so much more! When with Janet, you just feel this positive and calming energy taking over. You never leave a workshop without feeling great, smiling and a sense happiness. Janet is an amazing person with a lot to offer. Definitely attend a workshop!”


“There are not enough words to describe what an amazing person, beautiful friend, dedicated spiritual advisor and confidant that Janet is. She has thoroughly changed my life the second she introduced me to meditation. I go to her for every issue good or bad that is going on in my life and each time, she is there with open arms and an open heart. I have attended many workshops and have even had a 1 on 1 session. I have learned so much about myself and continue to look forward to attending more workshops in the future. Her words of wisdom and spiritual guidance is now permanent in my life. The best decision I made was to attend her workshop class. She is my soul sister and recommend everyone see her. Just like chicken soup, she is good for the soul.”


“Highly recommended. Janet brought me to my next level. Very enlightening.”


“An amazing person – who opened my eyes to a different world that was right under my nose. The world I have been living but not truly understood – until I met Janet . She has a gift of opening person’s heart – I am very happy we met!”


“I met Janet less then a year ago at a point in my life when I hit rock bottom! She brought me back to life:) I didn’t meet her by accident, I knew I had to meet her! Janet is a warm, caring person that will do anything for you and wants to see everyone happy! She doesn’t sugar coat anything and is very truthful! She is very welcoming and I trust her dearly! I’m happy to call her my dear friend!”


“Prior to our first session, I felt stuck, exhausted, uncertain, and unstable. Now, I feel much more sure of myself and my decisions. I am less indecisive, lighter, and more grounded. I already do recommend Namaste with Love to my yoga students. I have only had positive, healing, life changing experiences and I want others to experience the same. I always leave feeling rejuvenated, renewed and restored after my time with Janet. I look forward to my sessions and I’m never disappointed. Janet always knows exactly what I need to heal and restore. I truly value her opinion, advice, and guidance. Namaste with Love has forever changed my life in the must fulfilling way!”

Laura Gotlin, Certified Advanced Yoga Instructor

“After my sessions with Janet, I became more focused and centered. I was able to move toward change and decision making with confidence. I learned to look at my children with open eyes and an open mind. I feel that my experience with Janet has been so valuable and important. Everyone should take time to care for themselves. Janet’s guidance makes that journey easier. She is supportive and so kind, smart, and funny!”

Mary Lee Aloia, owner and founder of Spotlight Theatre

“Janet is the REAL deal. She is an unassuming powerhouse with a deep connection and clear gift. Her work helps to bridge the connections we can not see, always offering healing and purpose. My sessions with her went deeply into my soul’s path and purpose. The Destiny Session also touched upon my husband’s, my parent’s, and my children’s paths validating and giving me so much insight. Having had many readings and encounters with her, I can happily say that there is no other intuit I’d rather have as a guide for me earthside than Janet Namaste.  She’s absolutely incredible, a true Intuitive and Healer and her work is a gift to all.”

Dena, founder of The Mindful Mom Revolution

“Before our first session, I felt so lost not knowing what direction to go. I was feeling so sad and inadequate all the time. Now, I’m more confident in myself and I’m trying to keep focused on my path. I loved being with other women who felt the same way and loved being able to sit and just talk to each other. I have told many people about the course. Being a business owner, it helped with different ways of understanding others and helping people find their path. It was a great experience. Every week, I would come into the office and the girls I worked with were so eager to hear what I learned. Janet helped us all to be more empowered. Janet teaches with her own experiences and with such compassion for each person. When you leave, you feel more forward to help others with the same compassion that she has, and to touch people’s hearts. She left me better equipped to go inside myself for the answers. Janet is a wonderful person and a beautiful soul.”

Carol Ferraro DiMarco, owner and founder of Zen Trading Post

“Janet and her bright light brought me to Namaste with Love. Before the class started, I was always nervous and worried about things that had not happened yet, always thinking about the next step, always feeling that I needed to be ahead of everything. After this course, I find myself more aware and in the present moment. My self-confidence has increased. I have more tools to cope and deal with different situations in my daily life. I believe my stress level has decreased quite some. This class brought so much good into my life. I have met the most amazing and powerful ladies. We have shared and bonded. With Janet’s guidance, we have discovered a whole new stream of power that we all had within us. Janet worked with my children. I highly recommend all parents to sign up their children in Janet’s class. It can be a life changing experience for them. I think everybody can benefit from this class. Any class, any moment you can be around Janet, is a gift.”

Gilah Gurovitsch, owner of GGSkin

“Prior to my first visit, I did not know how to settle my mind and to relax. I was searching for peace. Janet’s session brought me to a calm place and recalibrated me and I would strongly recommend all of her services. They each serve a different purpose, but collectively have led me to become a more balanced, in control person. I have learned that I possess all of the skills I need. Janet has taught me to care for myself, to trust in myself, and to be with what is. My classes with her have made me a stronger, more evolved person.”