My goal as a healer and facilitator is to help you connect and empower you with your own healing abilities.


My goal as a healer and facilitator is to help you connect and empower you with your own healing abilities. Reiki will be introduced and you will experience your first session. You will learn how to decipher whether the ailments that you feel belongs to you or simply absorbed from others. Symptoms could be physical, emotional distress, anxiety, worry, indecision, or just a simple feeling of being stuck. You will become entuned to your own healing skills.

You will learn about your own energy system, how to protect and retain your wellbeing and become aware of the catalysts that have triggered your Zen. You’re awakening the power that has always been within you. It’s pretty awesome to feel like “you” again…in fact, a better version of “you” than ever before.


Dating back to the 1800s, Reiki healing originated in Japan and is based on Buddhist and Hindu teachings. Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique that uses life force energy to heal, balancing the subtle energies within our bodies All forms of energy healing accesses the Universal Energy, they are just different methods of obtaining the same energy.

Reiki is a natural, safe and effective means of stress reduction, pain management and deep relaxation.  Many experience profound emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical healing from this holistic technique.
All our physical ailments begin at the metaphysical level.  Our subconscious and emotions create certain blockages in our energy fields.  I will help clear and balance your chakras and remove blockages you may have unconsciously created.

There are some situations in which when pain or an ailment may become more severe before improving.  This will pass in time; it is all part of the detoxing process.  I always suggest before and after a healing session that you consume a lot of natural filtered water.   What is merely happening is that your body is getting rid of whatever (emotional, physical, and psychological) blocks that was limiting your full potential.  In conjunction with the Universe, you are both aiding in the process of healing.

Since Reiki is guided by the Higher Power, the Reiki energy will know the condition of the client and adjust appropriately.   Reiki can only be used for the highest good and cannot be used to harm anyone or anything.
Please note:  This is not a substitute for receiving proper medical attention.


Reiki is perfect for all ages…. I work with children from ages 3 and up. Children tend to respond quicker than the adults. Parents/Guardians remain in the room while the session is being done.

During the session, most people feel heat, tingling, coolness, or sometimes nothing as the energy shifts. Overall, most people find it very relaxing and some even fall asleep.  After the session is complete, your energy will be balanced more so than when you began. It is from this actual balance that people feel relaxed, calm, and begin to heal.  I suggest drinking a lot of pure filtered water and have faith and allow the full potential Reiki energy to work as much as you embrace it.

Afterwards, depending on how much energy ‘clutter’ you have accumulated in your energy field, you can feel much lighter and brighter. It can feel like you got the best night’s sleep and you are well-rested. You may feel more connected to your physical body and grounded. You may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, or feel a sense of peace or bliss. Some experience the diminishing of back pain, neck pain, headaches and general aches and pain. You could also feel like you are floating because of all the excess baggage you were carrying for so long just got used to it. It’s a feeling of liberation and peace.

As a Reiki Master, I am merely a channel.  It isn’t me; per se that is doing the healing.  It is an agreement between You, your Higher Self, and the Universe.  I’m just the facilitator.

Most of my clients do not live locally and we work together by reiki distance healing. A session can be done in person or by using a more advanced technique known as Reiki Distance Healing.  Reiki knows no boundaries or barriers.  As an attuned Reiki practitioner, I can send the wonderful healing properties of Reiki to anyone regardless of the distance between us. If permission is received, I can transmit the energy to you.  In the case of someone who is unable to respond, permission can be granted by asking that person’s higher-self.

First, let’s begin with 1 – however, it’s highly recommended to have least 3-6 sessions to delve into the root of any blockage. You will feel immediately different after the 1st session. However, many clients book reiki every 3 weeks regularly for their “tune up”. It is important to note, that we as humans and souls differ.  We all came here with a different contract and have chosen different paths to achieve our goals.  Therefore, some people could be healed but never cured and others could be cured but never healed.  We all have free-will and destiny.  The soul contract that you came here with is all individual.  With unconditional love, patience, and self-acceptance, the potential for your true path and healing can begin on the core level.

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