Before I met Janet, I was completely unaware of my healing abilities. I became a yoga instructor to be of service to others, as the practice of yoga has given me tools to manage my depression and anxiety. I wanted to give this gift back to others. Janet attended a class in which I was assisting and told me I had “healing hands.” From that moment forward, I began a spiritual journey that would change my life completely. Janet has helped me to open up to my true self. She has taught me how to access my God -given gifts as a healer through the art of Reiki as well as other empowering tools such as manifestation workshops, past-life regression work, angelic healing circles, and much much more! Through her encouragement I have gathered information from my own angels and have opened my third eye to new intuitive capabilities I never thought were possible. What my soul craved was purpose and understanding and now I am open to receiving all the abundance that the universe provides. Thanks to Janet, I now see that there are no coincidences. If you are reading this now, your paths are meant to cross for your soul is longing for deeper meaning and understanding.