Janet is an angel who came into my life at the perfect time, when I needed her most. When I met Janet, I was going through the biggest challenge of my life (so far): I was lost, hopeless and did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Meeting Janet was a blessing, and something that was truly meant to be. She is an amazing woman, full of positive energy, love and light. She has awakened the spiritual side of me, and through working with her, I have developed a new outlook on and perspective of life. I am finally able to appreciate life and live to the fullest. She has also taught me that the challenges I face are blessings in disguise, enabling me to learn and evolve into a better human being. I now walk through life and its obstacles with grace always remembering the sweet words Janet often cites, this too shall pass.


I have undergone hypnosis therapy sessions in order to help me understand and find the true root of certain fears I have in this lifetime. I have done workshops and classes as well- I find them to be an extremely helpful tool in my life and spiritual awakening. Additionally, I come in for a monthly Reiki session which helps me feel rejuvenated and restored; it keeps me grounded in this complex world. Since becoming a Reiki 1 practitioner, I feel the connection I share with my Reiki Master Janet, and it is a bond simple words cannot explain. Thank you Janet for showing me the way and for guiding me through the hardest time of my life – I look forward to furthering my learning with Janet, and can’t wait for the Meditation Retreat she is planning!!