Both hypnosis and meditation are used to eliminate stress, find clarity of purpose, and achieve mental and physical wellbeing.

Both hypnosis and meditation are used to eliminate stress, find clarity of purpose, and achieve mental and physical wellbeing. It’s in the approach where there’s a point of divergence. There are fundamental differences between meditation and hypnosis. Both methods are equally healing and powerful. When booking a session please email me at describing your intention(s) and the result(s) that you seek. This will determine whether a guided meditation will be channeled in for you or whether you would benefit from a hypnotherapy session.


1 – Works on your entire mental and physical state while recharging your inner energy
2 – Opens the pathways to achieve a calm, relaxed, and clear mind.
3 – Removes the fog and chatter from our mind achieving peace.
4 – Allows you to relieve stress and achieve spiritual insight

**Meditation is not typically used for the removal of bad habits, but for insight and mental calming.


1 – Is a formal therapeutic, clinical technique that begins from mental calmness and relaxation
2 – It’s aim is to connect or reprogram the subconscious to healthy and empowering suggestions.
3 – It can help in breaking barriers of habits that no longer suit us (e.g. quit smoking…overeating, negative thought patterns, etc.)

Both are calming and relaxing however it really depends on what you want to achieve from your session.

If you are experiencing addiction please seek help from a professional therapist, I am not a medical professional. I cannot do any healing work if you are not 1 year clean.



Your visualization skills will improve greatly the more you practice. It’s like working out – you need be consistent in working out your meditation muscle. Download my free meditation and practice daily. Once you’ve strengthened your visualization skills, you will see a dramatic reduction in the time it takes you to reach your goals in life.

Everyone can visualize, it’s just that some are better than others due to the fact they have strengthened that skill, either consciously or unconsciously.

No. Although these techniques are beneficial, I do not use them. Whenever I channel in a meditation, the intent is for a direct way to access your subconscious mind, to help you to visualize, heal and relax. My techniques are simple, yet powerful, guided narrative journeys.

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