Clear, sanctify, and bless the environment in which you live and work in.

Clear, sanctify, and bless the environment in which you live and work in. Every home and workspace should be cleared periodically. There are special prayers and blessings that are given to the space to protect ourselves against the ill will, jealousy of others or even our own negative habits or thoughts. After a cleansing/blessing ritual you will feel immediately the heaviness lift away. You will even feel the spheres of protection around your space.

Everything is made up of energy. Every single thought, emotion, sound, action, object…. absolutely every atom in the Universe is energy. We ALL can sense energetic fields. When we enter a space we not only react to the style of the furnishings, the colors, but we also feel the energy surrounding us. Energy is alive and intelligent and responds to human thought and intention. It can be absorbed from others by just simply being in a room with them.


It’s suggested to clear it professionally 3-4x a year for optimal results. You will also receive detailed instructions of how to maintain your sacred space.

It’s advised to do a proper clearing and cleansing of your home/workplace especially for and after the following events:

1. After an argument, accident, unhappy or hostile event
2. Following an illness, divorce or passing of a loved one
3. Preparing homes for sale and removing unwanted attachments to old properties
4. Before moving into your new home or office, you are clearing any possible negative or emotions of the previous occupants and other negative or disturbed energies.
5. Bringing a new baby or puppy home
6. Before & if needed after a party or family gathering (usually around the holiday’s)
7. Around the time of a marriage, graduation, a promotion.
8. ANYTIME you intuitively feel that you must shift the energy of your workspace or home.

We all need to clear ourselves of the clutter around and within us to be productive, happy, and balanced. Our homes and workplace can often have heavy residual energy problems, some manifest quickly during times of difficulty and others build up over time. There can be a buildup of layers upon layers of negative energy from previous or current occupants. The energy could also be from a previous or current neighbor which our homes and auric fields. Past events can leave an imprint on the land & foundation itself not just buildings.

It’s so important for us to create a healing environment in our daily lives. Space clearings will give your environment a lift anytime you do it…with love and proper intent. It restores balance, brings luck, healing, happiness, success, power, abundance and security back in.

Booking requires an estimated 50% non-refundable deposit due to the clearing work required prior to session date.

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